Menarini is the largest italian pharmaceutical company with its head office in Florence, and is one of Europes most successful manufacturer of pharmaceutical compounds with its own research and development unit. The company employs over 16'000 employees throughout the world. The dynamic swiss subsidiary in Zurich exists since 1996,  with a special focus on the cardio-vascular-system, diabetes, pain, sexual medicine and allergies.


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A. Menarini GmbHsells innovative pharmaceutical products

A. Menarini GmbH is the Swiss subsidiary of the Menarini Group, Italy's largest pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Florence. The family-owned Group is one of Europe's 20 largest producers of pharmaceutical specialities, carries out its own research and development, and employs about 17,000 people worldwide.

Menarini pursues two strategic objectives: research and internationalisation. Both endeavours enable innovative products to be used successfully to the satisfaction of patients around the world. The Menarini Group enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as an efficient and reliable partner. A. Menarini GmbH successfully implements this international strategy in Switzerland to enhance the quality of life of patients.

A. Menarini GmbH - the competent partner for general practitioners

The portfolio of A. Menarini GmbH consists of medicinal products for primary patient care, i.e. products that are predominantly prescribed by general practitioners and the appropriate specialists.

The company's main focus is on the cardiovascular field with products sold for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), angina pectoris (chest pain) and heart failure (cardiac insufficiency). A second main focus is on oral antidiabetic agents that belong to the class of state-of-the-art medicinal products taken orally to treat type 2 diabetes.

The range for general practitioners also comprises products from the therapeutic areas of pain management, infectiology, allergology and, most recently, urology. Further areas will be opened up in future through global partnerships with other companies.

Located in the heart of Europe (yet not tied into the EU), Menarini Switzerland is heading towards a promising future with great energy and innovation.

Our values


10 core values have influenced the progress of our group.



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Quality first

Quality: point of departure and arrival for our drugs.


Menarini in the world

The Menarini Group has companies located almost all over the world.