My hope is constant in thee"

This is a motto endorsed by Menarini Research

The hope of a patient is inextricably linked to the persistence of researchers in developing new drugs given the great amount of time it takes from laboratory discovery to clinical application.
Menarini answers this hope at its research centres operating all over the world: Berlin, Lomagna, Barcelona, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.
The quality of life is the fulcrum around which all research revolves.
And it is always person-centred.

The therapeutic areas of Menarini's research

Menarini is investing in major medical research projects that cover the following therapeutic areas:

  Cancer, for solid tumours and blood cancer and for support therapies     Gastro-intestinal
  Analgesia   See our complete pipeline »

These are research fields that require a lengthy experimentation procedure: it takes more than 10 years from the onset of a drug research project to the time the drug is available to patients. Sometimes it takes even longer. Menarini follows this course with the utmost attention, investing its top resources because patient health is the number one value.

“Dal sapere al saper fare, è questo il nostro percorso”

Dott.ssa Capriati Direttore Corporate Ricerca Clinica

Active partnerships in oncology: OxfordBioTherapeutics - Selvita - Chugai Pharmaceutical